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I’m the customer. I had received a voucher for 6oz of frozen yogurt from my blood bank for donating blood, and decided to use it before I went home. It’s a self-serve place, so I grab a cup, get my yogurt, and top it with chocolate chips and butterscotch. I notice a bottle of hot fudge from my favorite brand of chocolate, and decide to add some. As I grab it, I notice the cap is one where the top half flips up to reveal the nozzle, and act accordingly: I flip up the cap and proceed to squeeze hot fudge on my yogurt. The girl behind the counter comes up to me when I finish.

Employee: “You’re the first person I’ve ever seen that was able to do that without help?”

Me: *confused* “Huh? Oh, you mean use the hot fudge?”

Employee: “Yeah, I was just coming over to help you, but you were able to figure it out on your own!

Me: *remembering Notalwaysright.com* “Considering the stories I’ve heard, that’s not so surprising.” *We both laugh*