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(I work for a small deli and, as we are only open weekends, we half price everything on sunday nights. I was working on the till one sunday night when a lady comes up and slams her shaved ham tub and other groceries on my counter)
Me: hi maam, how are you tonight? *scans ham*
Customer 1: They didnt half price my meats. You have to half price it for me
*i pick up her meats and check them for her as i input the prices in the computer.*
Me: everything is as it should be maam. The total is $***.
Customer: you forgot to half price my ham.
Me: the shaved ham is unfortunately not a product we half price. The total is $***.
Customer: no. The ham is half price. Its in the cabinet that is half price.
Me: its not maam. I can show you.
*I take her to the front and show her the sign saying half price. It clearly has two arrows that shows that the ham is not half price. We go back to the counter and find that two people are now waiting. The customer is now bright red, pays and hurries out the shop*
Next customer: the things some people do for half price.

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