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I work registers at a chain fabric and craft store. On a busy day with endless lines I ring out a woman with a stack of notions and a couple of magazines. After ringing up all of the items and coupons and bagging everything-
Me: Your total is *total*
Woman: No, no no! I had a return! (grabs at one of the magazines in her bag, pulling it out and pulling a receipt out of it).
Me: Oh ok, soryy! You didn’t mention it. The magazine is the return item?
Woman: Yes
Me: Ok, let me take that off of the purchase for you and I’ll run the return after.
(we finish the purchase and I go through the receipt to find the return item. I can’t find the item)
Me: Do you happen to have another receipt? The magazine isn’t on this one.
Woman: What? The other woman circled the items for you already!
Me: You mean the fabric at the bottom? I thought you were returning the magazine?
Woman: NO! I’m returning fabric!
Me: Ok, we can do that. Did you bring the magazine from home then?
Woman: No! I want to BUY it!
(After a deep breath I managed to do her return and ring her up for the magazine and get her out of there. Apparently someone doesn’t know how to listen…)

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