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(Our office server has gone down over the weekend, so the legal assistant puts in a call to our tech to check it out. One of the hard drives has apparently malfunctioned, which means he has to take it out of office, replace the hard drive, then bring it back. One of the programs apparently malfunctioned with the drive. The legal assistant, or the LA, gets the necessary disks for anything that needs to be reinstalled, and puts them beside her computer for him to use, since her computer is directly linked as controller for the server.)

Tech: “I can’t find [program] disk. Could you look in the closet to find it for me?

LA: “I thought I put it beside my computer for you. Did you check?”

Tech: “Yeah, it’s not there. Maybe you thought you grabbed it. I’m not able to go any further without that disk, either, so if you can find it as soon as possible, I would appreciate it.”

(The legal assistant goes into our storage closet, which is filled with boxes. She has been at it for two hours when Tech calls out for her.)

LA: “I’m trying to find the program still. You said you needed it, remember?”

Tech: “Oh, yeah, that. I found the disk, it was mixed in with the others. I’ve already installed the program and have it updating for you.”

LA: “Why didn’t you tell me that you had found it? I had other work to see to!”

Tech: “I forgot you were in there.”

(Needless to say, he was quick to get out of her office and leave the premises.)

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