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, | Unfiltered | July 13, 2020

I work customer service for a well known car insurance company. Customer called to add a vehicle to their policy. Ok, easy enough. So we go through all the information about the vehicle and then go over pricing. She starts yelling that the price is supposed to go down when you add a car. I’m trying my hardest not to sound condescending or rude but cats got my tongue and I’m not quite understanding why a 40 year old woman would think that. So as nicely as I can I attempt to explain how we are covering a second (brand new) car so it would be more expensive than covering just one car with basic liability coverage. She states that she still doesn’t understand and that it makes absolutely no sense also rants about how we are thieves and just ripping her off. I try again to explain and dumbing it down even more “you have an older car with just state required coverages and we are adding a second car that has to have full coverage which would cost more because there is more coverages added but now we are covering another car too” something along those lines. She continues saying that we are ripping her off and I hear the dealer in the background trying to help her explain the concept. She pushes me to finish while still talking crap about how we are robbing her and how she’s going to shop around.