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(I used to be a waiter at a Chinese restaurant. I was told I was only really hired because the other applicants were girls, and the manager didn’t like hiring girls. After a few months, I transitioned from ‘male’ to female and became a waitress. I stayed on because ‘I wasn’t really a girl.’ Wasn’t fun at all. Then, one day.)

Me: Would you like anything else, sir?

Customer (Asian): Yes, could you please get your manager? I’d like to speak with him. Thank you, ma’am.

Me: Of course!

*manager comes over*

Manager: (customer) Hello! How are you, friend?

Customer: I admit, I’m surprised. You finally hired another girl besides your wife!

Manager: You think this is a girl?

*he pointed to me *

Customer: Yes, why should I not have?

Manager: Because she is… well, yes. Time to change, eh?

(Later in the day)
Manager: You must not come back in. You are too woman!

Me: You know what? You’ve got some major fucking issues. You don’t even give me tips or pay me hourly…

Manager: You no get tips?

Me: No. You wouldn’t let me. Yeah, fuck this.

A customer eating during all this promptly left with me and told me she was hiring at a store she manages, which is LGBT friendly. I’ve been working there since, and the restaurant shut down about a month later.