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While in the middle of my morning commute, traffic is stopped at a traffic light that connects straight into a convenience store’s driveway, even though the light is green. A fire truck and an ambulance coming the other way pull through the intersection and into the store’s parking lot, going around the gas pumps and up to the building. I notice there are no customer cars, so the person in need must be an employee, and the store, while still fully lit, must be closed right now.

Not ten seconds later, the light having changed, a white Jeep pulls into the lot and moseys up to a gas pump, while multiple people are coming out of the store and heading for the ambulance.

The light changed again, so I didn’t get to see what the driver did, but since I’m pretty sure the law doesn’t allow pump operation when staff is not present — and if a manager was there he/she would have been tending to the situation at hand — I don’t think they got to fill up there today!

(Now with fire fighters being experts at pumps and hoses, maybe this Jeep driver thought they would gas up his/her vehicle… but I certainly hope not!)