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(I work at popular fast food restaurant. We close at midnight and there are no restaurants nearby open after midnight on weekdays. It’s 11:58pm Monday night and my manager tells me she’s not taking anymore orders, I have no say. A customer pulls up to the drive through but no one takes his order. He pulls up to the locked window with another car behind him.)
Manager: We’re closed.
Customer: It’s not 12 yet.
Manager: It is now. We’re closed.
Customer: What is your name?! I will f***ing kill you!!
Manager: Don’t make eye contact. After he leaves go take the trash to the dumpster.
(10 minutes later it looks like the guy and the other car have left. I’m about to go to the dumpster when I see them come back.)
Me: I think they’re back.
Manager: Just go home I’ll take care of the trashes.
(I start walking to my car when the guy starts yelling at me. He has been talking to another person who didn’t get food.)
Customer: Ma’am!! Ma’am!!! We were here on time! What is your name! Get the f**k back here!
(He then starts chasing after me as I run to my car in the back of the parking lot. I drive away and call the police because I know they are waiting for my manager.)