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*Today, I was at work when a customer called the electronics department.*
Me: “Thank you for holding, how may I help you”
Woman: “Yes, is this the electronics department?”
Me: “Yes this is.”
Woman: “OK I need you to find this movie for me about Heaven.”
*The phone I wasn’t a very loud one and often crackled, making it hard to hear sometimes.*
Me: “Could you repeat that please? I’m having some technical difficulties.”
Woman: “I need this movie with Jennifer Garner about Heaven.”
Me: “OK, Miracles From Heaven? It’s right here on a front end stand.”
*The regular DVD version slot was empty, the Bluray slot had two more left*
Woman: “Yes well how much is it?”
Me: “Well the Bluray is $19.99 and the regular DVD is $17.99 but we only have the Bluray out on the floor.”
Woman: “Well I don’t want the Bluray.”
Me: “OK well I’ll check to see if we have anymore.”
Woman: “Yeah you do that.”
*I punch in the numbers in my scanner to check and we have none in the store or on order*
Me: “I’m afraid we’re all out of the regular DVD.”
Woman: “Well do you have the spot?”
Me: “The spot is empty, we’re all out of the regular DVDs for this movie.”
Woman: “No you’re not answering my question.”
Me: “I’m sorry, um we’re all out and the spot on the shelf is empty.”
Woman: “No you’re not answering my question.”
Me: “What are you asking ma’am?”
Woman: “I want to know if you’ve ever carried them at your store.”
Me: “Yes, we have we’re just all out of them currently.”
Woman: “No, you’re not answering my question!”
Me *extremely frustrated* : “Ma’am, are you asking if we have a spot on the shelf for them?”
Woman: “Yes! *scoffs*”
Me: “Okay, yes we do. I’m letting you know though that it is currently empty.”
Woman: “No you’re not answering my damn question!! What is your name?!”
Me: “*says name*”
Woman: “*My name* I want to speak to your supervisor!”
Me: “OK I’ll go look for him if you could just hold for one minute please.”
Woman: “OK good.”
*I go walking around, looking for my boss. As I’m walking, the woman keeps talking to someone on her end of the line, not realizing that I can still hear her.*
Woman: *talking to friend* “How stupid can she be?! It’s not that hard of a f***ing question!”
*I find my boss and tell him the basics of what’s happened. He takes the phone and tells her what I told her. He said he’d take her phone number and call her back with more information. Then they hang up*
Boss: “She wants the Bluray DVD at the regular DVD price.”
*$2 difference*
Me: “I answered her question over and over.”
Boss: “Yeah, don’t worry you didn’t do anything wrong.”

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