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(I work at a pizza chain store, and take a phone call one day)
Me: Thank you for choosing [Store], will your order be for pick up or delivery?
Caller: Yes, I was wondering if you have any vegan pizza?
(Note: The caller pronounced it as v-egg-en, not how vegan is usually pronounced)
Me: I’m sorry, did you say vegy? Could you repeat that for me?
Caller: No, v-egg-en. Like vegan, but v-egg-en.
Me: (after confirming with my manager, albeit slightly confused) I’m sorry, we don’t have any vegan pizza.
Caller: That’s alright, but it’s pronounced v-egg-en.
(I told my manager about this, and she seemed just as surprised as I was. She has many vegan friends, and they all pronounced it as you would think.)