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A high school holds bingo sessions twice weekly at a popular bingo hall that students in the music programs can work in order to help pay fees.
Before the first game starts, the counter in the back of the hall is open for customers to play the pull-tab games.
Quite often, there is a specific game played over the duration of the session with a large prize.
A middle aged man walks up to the counter, looks at the boxes of games, and looks disappointed as a student worker walks up to help him.
Student: What can I get you?
Man: Do you have the [pull tab] game? The one with the $500 jackpot prize?
Student: I don’t think we have that one this session, I’m sorry. We do have [other game] which has a $250 prize, though.
Man: No, no, no. I want the other one. Are you sure you don’t have it? Go and check, would you?
The student goes and checks with the games manager, who had the same answer that the student did.
The student walks back over to the man, who is now creating a line.
Student: She said that we aren’t playing that game tonight.
Man: *getting angry* I don’t believe you. Let me talk to your manager.
The student reluctantly goes over to the games manager again, who clearly has something more important going on. She explains that the man wanted to speak to her, and was starting to get angry.
Manager: I can handle this.
The manager now goes over to the man, still holding up an unnecessary line.
Manager: What seems to be the problem?
Man: Your employee is refusing to sell me the game that I want!
Manager: And what game is that?
Man: [game title]
Manager: If you can find the title on this counter, we are selling it. Otherwise we are saving the game for another session, or we’re out of it.
Man: That makes no f***ing sense. I don’t see why you have to save games for other sessions, neither you or your employees have any idea what you’re doing behind this counter.
Manager: These are not employees, these are student volunteers.
The manager explains what the program is about in greater detail than necessary, but got the point across.
Manager: These students are trained very well to handle business and are not getting paid to deal with your rude comments, but happily do it anyways to pat for what they are passionate about. So please buy a game or get out of the line.

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