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I’m shelving DVDs of TV shows at my local library. I’m crouched on the floor, reorganizing some DVDs on one of the bottom shelves. Behind me, I hear an older woman yelling excitedly as she walks closer to where I’m shelving DVDs.

Older woman (yelling excitedly): “Is that Sarah?! Is that Sarah?!”

I ignore her, thinking that she’s seen a friend of hers and my name is not Sarah nor does it start with an S. A few seconds later, I sense that someone is standing next to me, I look up to see the older woman who has a huge smile on her face.

Older woman: “Hi, how are you?!”

Me: “I’m fine, how are you?”

Older woman: “I’m well, thank you!”

She then lightly hits me on my head with one of the books she’s holding, in a joking way like two friends would. Keep in mind, I have absolutely no idea who this woman is and have never seen her before.

Older woman: “It was good to see you!”

She walks away and I rub my head, completely confused.

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