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It’s about 8:45 pm. Another busy day, evening meat cutter called in sick so since 3pm I have been doing my seafood job and trying to keep the meat section full with what was left to put out and cleaning up after customer messes. My counter closes at 8pm and that sign is clearly visible but no customer cares. Around 8:45 a middle aged couple from a Spanish speaking country come up and say, “We are looking for a fish.” I was already stretched thin, stressed out and way behind, clearly not open and losing my patience. I asked them what kind of fish. They said,” A black fish.” Can you see where this is going? No where good. I asked them if they knew the name of the fish. They did not. Was the meat red or white? They didn’t understand. The said,”It is a regular fish.” I asked them what country the fish might be from. They weren’t sure. I told them that since I had been closed for 45 minutes, was doing 2 people’s jobs and far behind I couldn’t help them and if they would come back with the name of the fish or a picture during business hours I would help them then. I wanted to say nasty things but I didn’t. Sometimes I really hate all people. Ugh.

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