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, | Unfiltered | March 18, 2020

Man: “Excuse me! My wake up call didn’t ring!”

Me: *checking* “Well, sir, according to our records, the phone rang three times with no answer.”

Man: “Liar! I never heard it! And now I’ll be late to my meeting! I demand to speak with your manager!”

Me: “Certainly.”

(I get the manager, and then go help some other customers. I can see the man gesturing angrily and shouting. After he finally dashes off, I turn to the manager.)

Me: “The phone rang, so I guess he didn’t hear it?”

Manager “Maybe, I’ll do some investigating.”

(The next day, my manager tells me that he spoke with the man’s colleagues, and found out that the man was a known heavy sleeper, so my hunch was right, he didn’t hear the phone rings 3 times. Didn’t stop him from complaining to our corporate office though. At least his colleagues backed us up.)