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*To set this up. My brother, 23 and I, 22, parents own a dry cleaning business. It has been a family business since 1954, therefore, we have grown up in the business, our mother mostly runs the show and our father is in the background. We are single employed. Because of recent events, our mother has gotten sick and my brother and I was forced to run the business. We are white folks in a black community*
(My mother has pretty good relationships with certain customers, and knows their clothes, their face, and name soon as they walk in)
Eight months into the business:
*12:30pm I come into work bit later than usual. Realizing I have 5 missed called and several texts from my brother whom is in the Cleaners, I come rushing in. A large gentleman, leaning against the counter patiently waiting. As I greeted him, I’m looking for my brother, I go in the back meeting him half way. He, panicing, tells me that [customers name] is picking up his dry cleaning but he can not find them. I go ito the front, again greeting him, I ask for his name, the date he had dropped them off and description of his garments. Whilst describing, he reminds me that he had came in a week before to pick up and given me the same description. I quickly remember the situation and calmly tell him that I had looked for his clothes under his name.*
Customer: please look again, under the name [give same name]
Me: sure no problem, give me a few moments. *i sign my brother to keep lookingas I search as well. Brother and I come to the same conclusion that we do not have those particular garments under that name.* I calmly walk back up to the front and explain that we do nothave those garments.
Customer: *progressivly aggitated * man that ain’t cool. Ive been doin business with yall for YEARS before yall was born.
Me: I understand, but we do not have a [his name] with thise garments.
*he starts cursing and continues to explain his business with us. I genuinely have sympathy for him. But despite him knowing my family, I we do not carry those garments, If infact he dropped them off*
Customer:lemme talk to your manager!
Me: our manager is sick in the hospital, she can not be reached at the moment.
Customer: I need to talk to someone!
Me: sure thing, but you will talk to my father whos the second manager/owner. *dials his #* my father picks up, i breifly give him the load down and I give the phone to the customer, I can hear my father talking with him. The customer gets even more aggitated and starts to get really angry. I then can heary mother getting into the conversation, as he argues, he is cursing up a storm. Suddenly gives me the phone, i can see the phone is hung up.
Customer: my clothes are worth more than these windows (we have big windows) Ill be back but these windows arent worth as much as my clothes and he storms out.
*but whilst was ranting, the moment he mentions our windows will be broken down, my brother calls the police.*
(Later in the same day)
*I get a call from my mom/manager/owner, she asks me what were his clothes looked like and they were significant bunch. She then gives me a name that I am well familiar for the simple fact that its a random name that is the customers alias. Soon as I look for the name, sure enough, his clothes were there…
IF ONLY HE WOULD HAD GIVEN US HIS ALIAS NAME… *Dont ever take in a name that is not their legal name!!

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