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(I’m helping at the counter, giving customers their orders. A woman is clearly on a phone call with a blue-tooth ear piece so I just smile at her and take her ticket, because in my experience customers don’t want to interrupt their phone calls. After I run her credit card, she says “Hold on,” to her phone call and finally speaks to me.)
Customer: “Do you have a problem?”
Me: (confused) “No, ma’am?”
Customer: “Because you have had an attitude this entire transaction! You haven’t spoken to me once!”
(I start to say, “Well you were on your phone and I didn’t want to disturb you.” I only get as far as “you were on your phone” before she EXPLODES.)
(She keeps going while I stand there, stunned, having no idea what I did to set her off. My boss finally came by and sent me to do another task so he could calm her down. He told me later that she told him not to let me touch her order because “she would screw it up with on purpose!” No idea why smiling and politely waiting for her to finish her call upset her so badly. She only came back once to pick up the things she had dropped off and she never apologized or addressed her behavior. Oh the joys of customer service.)

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Customer: *places down a ticket and some money on the counter*
Me: *seeing the ticket does NOT belong to my parents’ dry cleaners* Phone number, please?
Customer: *gives her number*
Me: *finding no record* Do you have another number?
Customer: *gives another number*
Me: *finding her account* You don’t have anything to pick up.
Customer: *gives the first number*
Me: There’s no record of that number in our system.
Customer: *showing me her ticket, in demanding/outraged voice* How can you not when I have a ticket right here?
Me: *pointing to the sign above my head* Because we’re the New French Cleaners. Not Wet and Dry Cleaners.
Customer: *awkwardly* Oh….. *stands at the counter for few more seconds before walking out*

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I dropped off some items at my dry cleaner, who regaled me with this story:

A customer had picked up her quilts, paid and drove off.

About 15 minutes later, the customer calls the dry cleaner complaining viciously that she’d seen another dry cleaner that charged LESS for quilts! The nerve! I’ve been ripped off!

So the dry cleaner offered to refund the difference, is that what you want?

NO The customer just wanted to call and complain about the theft of her money!

How much money?

Three bucks of course.

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(I work at a dry cleaning store. We have a middle-aged lady come in and drop off her clothes. I’m detailing what her clothes are in the computer when she tells me:)

Customer: “Now, honey, please make sure that these are dry cleaned.”

Me: *thinking she’s joking* “Of course, ma’am; we are dry cleaners!”

Customer: “Right, and I want these dry cleaned. No water.”

Me: “Right, ma’am, we can only clean them without water. It’s a dry cleaner.”

Customer: “Yes. Make sure you write a note on there, because if you do them in water, the colors will bleed.”

Me: “Right, ma’am, but… it’s a dry cleaner; we don’t use water washers here.”

Customer: *nodding* “Good. Make sure to write it on each article tag.”

Me: *accepting her ignorance* “All right, ma’am. Have a nice day!”

(Even though I handed her the receipt, the lady continued to stand there. She waited, wanting to watch me undergo the entire detail process before she left, meaning I had to write, “Dry Clean Only,” on the back of our “Special” tags that get pinned to special orders. This meant rewriting the same useless message for all of her pieces, which totaled more than thirty articles. Only after she saw each one detailed did she leave.)

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(I work in the dry cleaning industry for one of the biggest companies in Australia. I have been exposed to the industry since I was five through my mother and grandfather. A customer comes in today with a pile of tops all saying “Cold hand wash only. No machine wash. No dry-clean” I go to explain this to the customer…)

Customer: “No! That’s not right. I’ve been coming here for years and they always clean my things. Where’s the girl who is usually here?”

Me: “She left to focus on studies.”

Customer: “Shame. She at least knew what she was doing.”

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