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(We close at 9. It is 9:02 and there is a group of 4 women in the store as well as a woman not in their group. We can’t kick them out but we can encourage them nicely to finish up. I go up to the woman shopping on her own.)

Me: Is there anything I can help you find tonight?

Her: No, I’m just looking. What time do you close?

Me: We already did, but don’t worry, we still have a register open so you can purchase your things.

Her: (checks her watch) Oh! For some reason I thought you closed at 10. Sorry about that. I’ll be quick!

(She keeps browsing around in no hurry at all for another ten minutes before meandering up to the register with nothing new in her hands. I ring her out and she leaves.)

Manager: Did you tell her we were closed

Me: Yup