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(My girlfriend has just gotten a job working phones in a customer service role. One day my brother has to call this company for help and he tends to
be an ass to the representative no matter what. I over hear this after the problem is fixed)

Brother: Well thank you [Girlfriend’s name] for being such a stupid b**** and being no f***ing help! I had to do it all myself. Don’t talk to me like that I’m a paying customer! There’s nothing you can do to me. In fact I welcome it! Do anything you want to me over a phone *starts laughing*

Me: *receiving a text from my girlfriend* Hey [Brother]… [Girlfriend] is asking if telling me to kick your a** through text counts as ‘over the phone'”

Brother: Oh… um… Yeah… I guess… But why would she as… *stares at me with a blank look* …. I have a lot of apologizing to do don’t I?

Me: At this point I think it’s more groveling than apologizing…

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