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In my city there is a large Somali population, So it isn’t unusual to see businesses with Somali culture. Me being Somali but i look Egyptian

Customer: Jesus there are too many sand n******* in this city, They need to go back on their boat and get the f*** out of America
Me:[Hoping i didn’t just hear that] What?
Customer: You heard me, You look Arab so you just as bad! You might have a bomb in your pocket!
Me: Ma’am I’m Somali myself and i was born here.
Customer: you lying terrorist camel f****** terrorist!
(Around this time my 6’6 220 older brother came to see what was going on)
Brother:WHAT DID YOU SAY B****
She stood there sputtering and looking up at him
Brother:You will leave now before i throw you out the d**** door
(She left in a hurry, forgetting her purse and keys in the store. We got a 50% discount from the store, managed by a Somali!)