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(I work at a large warehouse of a candy store, very popular and gets a large crowd every day. We always get such odd customers that just leave us ready to slam our heads into the tables we work at bagging candy. Today was a sad day, the owners mother had passed away and many of our staff had left early to attend the wake…..)

customer: “Hello I have a question?”

Me: “Hi, what’s your question?”

customer: “We are looking for (said candy in certain size bag)”

Me: “I’m sorry we don’t carry (said candy in certain size bag) but we do have (said candy) in two other sizes?”
At this point customer gives me a confused look then becomes grouchy…

customer: “I called in earlier looking for (said candy in certain size bag) and the person who answered the phone said you had it in that size!”

me: “Well I’m sorry that we don’t carry it in that size, you were misinformed”

Customer: “I drove all this way for (said candy in certain size bag), I want to speak to the person who took my call”

At this point I’m enraged by this person unreasonable state…

Me: “I’m sorry but that will be impossible since most of our staff is gone for the day”

Customer: “Well I want to speak to the person…..-goes into a rant about not getting her candy-”

me: “Ma’am most of our staff left early because they are attending a funeral for the owners mother, would you like to continue making a scene?”

The ladies face turned red before she slipped out the front door…..my coworker was happy to be free of them. I was just happy to watch her priceless reaction!