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MY compnay is on a private estate but allows the public to use the route through as a shortcut for £150 pe annum; most passes are bought by parents to get to the private school on the eastern side of the estate. No-one is allowed to tailgate through the barriers at either end , they must use their access fob and we, as employees are expected to challenge people who try to tailgate behind us without using their fob.
I stopped once through our barrier because a soccer mom was tailgating me. SHe shot past the fob sensor and braked.I went to her car and told her she wasn’t allowed to tailgate.She showed me her fob so I said that just this once I’d let her though. I went back to my car and got in when a car horn beeped loudly behind me. I got out and returned to her car thinking she wanted some attention. She shouted at me to “just get out of the way”. I politely explained to her it was part of my job and she shouted at me to just move my car. Smiling I returned to my car but she then demanded I come back. She demanded my name shouting that she was going to make a complaint about me. I gladly showed her my ID and spelled my name out for her. “Right” she screeched ” i’m going to report you!”. I said that was fine and not to worry if she couldn’t remeber our conversation exactly as it would all have been recorded on the close circuit camera facing us and only 9 ft away. Her face was a picture ( I want it on a mouse mat)…..she gabbled then screamed at me that she’d doen nothing to be ashamed of. I turned , smiled at the camera , gave a thumbs up and said to the camera ” did ya get all that”. I got in my car and two days later the company suspended her access fob and banned her from having another .

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