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*Sitting at my desk loading up my emails to prepare for the work day. Saw an email from a client who needed to know what the price would be per 6 months to add her child. I had emailed her the price in the body of the email.*

Email to me: There might be a connection problem. Didn’t get your attachment, can you resend?

Email to her: *copied and pasted what I sent before and sends*

*phone rings* *answers*

Me: thank you for calling your insurance office, me speaking.

Them: hello! I didn’t get your attachment, what is the price again?

Me: I’m sorry. I didn’t send an attachment, I wrote down wha–

Them: oh okay okay. Okay so hold on wait wait wait… Okay so its this much every month?

(Agiain I specified every 6 months…)

Me: no.

Them: every 12 months?

Me: no…

Them: every 6 months?

Me: yes…

Them: oh okay!