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(I’m standing in line with my boyfriend with two tiny pumpkins and a pack of batteries and the customer in front of me is having some issues. The cashier beside me says she’ll take us, so I hand her my products and walk around to the proper side of her lane.)

CASHIER: *scans the three items and sets them down, then frowns at her screen* Uh oh. Screen froze.

ME: What?

(I look up at the screen and see that it is currently showing I have purchased a box of condoms and a 12-pack of soda.)

ME: Um…that’s definitely not what I bought.

CASHIER: *looks up* OH DEAR! That was the last customer, how on earth…

(The register refuses to take my pumpkins or my battery and insists I am buying condoms and soda, so she passes me off to another cashier.)