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I am working on a fairly busy Saturday night. We make pizza and sandwiches, and each pizza and sandwich has a different cost based on what’s in or on them. There are three different sizes of about 30 different sandwiches. We also have six specialty pizzas in three different sizes, as well as make-your-own pizzas in those sizes as well. This is a call I got in the middle of the busy hour:

Me: [Restaurant name], this is [Name]. How can I help you?

Customer: Can I place an order for takeout?

Me: For sure!

I wait for the customer to tell me her order, but nothing happens.

Me: What can I get for you?

Customer: Oh! How much do your sandwiches cost?

Me: Well, it depends on what sandwich you get, as well as the size you choose.

Customer: Okay, well what comes on a sandwich?

Me: Well, our most popular items are [Sandwich] and [Sandwich]. Do either of those sound good to you?

Customer: Not really. What else do you have?

By now, it has become clear that the customer does not know what she wants.

Me: I’m sorry, ma’am. We are pretty busy right now. I can refer you to our website, where our menu has the full list of sandwiches, pizzas, and the prices for all those things.

Customer: Can’t you just tell me what you have?

Me: No ma’am, I can’t. There is a big line waiting to be helped now. However, if you take a look at our menu, you can give us a call back and we’ll get cooking for you.

Customer:…oh. Okay. *Hangs up*

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