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(Customer comes in an hour before closing. I finished closing duties and there wasn’t anyone else around. At this point I was practically praying for company.)
Me: “Hi! What brings you in tonight?”
Customer: “I need to send a fax.”
Me: “Well our faxing is self-serve and in the section to your right. You can go ahead and get started but let me know if there’s anyth-”
Customer: “I know but you guys always do it for me. This is what needs to fax and this is the number.”
Me: “Okay! Well I’d like to let you know that these days we’re trying to reduce the amount of outgoing faxes from our incoming fax due to the higher volume of spam-”
Customer: “Whatever! You guys do this for me all this time!”
(I take the papers from her and go to our fax to start dialing the number. The following happens within less than a minute…)
Me (while dialing): “Well I’m curious, have you tried our self-serve?”
Customer, scoffing; “I just wanna pay cash. I don’t have a card. I do this all the time with you guys.”
(Customer begins to turn on her phone and tap a few things.)
Me: Oh no! I’ll go ahead and do this! Hey, did you know you can add cash onto a card to insert into our machines?”
Customer (calling someone and waiting for them to pick up): “Yeah whatever… Hey [private conversation that I tune out]. Yeah this b**** at [store] is taking a while…”
(At this point I’m stunned. I barely got through half of the fax number before this remark. Then I realize she was seeming standoffish and quick to disregard me prior to this. I stop dialing.)
Me: “I’m sorry, would you prefer going somewhere else?”
(She ignores me completely, but continues to speak down about me and my company to the person on the other line. I take the papers out of the fax machine and place them back on the counter. Her eyes widen.)
Customer: “Hold on, let me call you back. This fat b**** isn’t doing her job.” She hangs up. “Who’s your manager?! Get your manager!”
Me: “I’m the only one here.”
Customer: “You’re not a manager. GET. YOUR. MANAGER.”
Me: “I am the only one here. My manager will be in tomorrow at [time].”
Customer, taking a business card to write on: “WHAT IS HIS NAME? YOU FAT B**** TOO LAZY TO DO YOUR F****** JOB. GIVE ME HIS INFORMATION. I DEMAND TO SPEAK TO HIM.”
Me: “My manager’s name is [name].”
Customer: “AND YOUR NAME.”
Me: “My name is [my name] and [manager] will be in at [time] tomorrow for you to contact him.”
Customer: “Yeah. You’ll regret this you lazy b****.”
(Customer storms out. I type up a report on what had happened. She never did complain about me. Instead, she complained to my associate about how stupid it was to not be able to put coins in fax machines.)

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