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(The fast food restaurant I work in has various promotional items going on. Right now, we’re offering pork cheese fries that have pulled pork on them with a choice of three sauces. This happens while I’m working in the drive thru.)
Me: “Hi, how can I help you?”
Customer: “Yes, can I get [several other items] and a pulled pork cheese fries please?”
Me: “Sure, would you like the sauce on the fries sweet, smoky, or spicy?”
Customer: “Cant I not get sauce? Or anything?”
Me, a bit confused: “Okay, so you don’t want the sauce, but you still want the pork and onions on them, right?”
Customer: “Nothing, just the cheese, you can do that right?”
Me: “Sure, anything else?”
Customer: “No, that’s it.”
Me: “Your total will be [total] and the first window, thank you!”
(It’s important to note that we do have cheese fries as their own item and they’re way cheaper than the pork fries. I rang her in for cheese fries.)
Coworker: “Who orders pork fries without the pork? You should have charged her for them!”

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