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(Our carryout closes at 11pm sharp. While we still deliver until midnight, we aren’t allowed to have anybody except on the clock employees in the store. The phone rings at 10:59)

Me: Thank-you for calling [Name of Company] pizza. How may I help you?

Customer: Yeah. Can I order a pizza for carryout?

Me: I’m terribly sorry. Carryout closes at 11:00 and we aren’t allowed to have any customers in the store from that point on.

Customer: But I called at 10:59! You should serve me!

Me: I totally understand. Unfortunately, the time that it would take to make your pizza would push us past 11:00 by the time you were able to get here and pick up your pizza. Would you like delivery?

Customer: *Yelling* I’m at work! I can’t come pick it up!

(Needless to say, my manager and I had quite the laugh about that one.)