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I work the front desk at a retirement facility. We normally serve dinner from 4-7 but because of a possible hurricane we’ve moved it up to 1-4 so the staff can leave earlier. Most of the residents are understanding of this change, but some are not so understanding…
Resident: Why did they move dinner?
Me: Because of the storm
Resident: But they didn’t let us know!
Me: We posted notices on everyone’s door, it’s posted on the daily schedule board, there was a public meeting about all the schedule changes, and the dining staff have been telling everyone who passes by. We have done everything we can to let everyone know.
(I pull out a copy of the notice and show her precisely where it explains the change of dinner time)
Resident: But not everyone knows! We had a 3:30 appointment and the other ladies I sit with might not know!
Me: If you’re not meeting until 3:30 you’ll still be able to go into the dining room
Resident: But they don’t know! you should call them and tell them!
Me: Ma’am, the dining room will still be open at 3:30
Resident: (looks at notice again) But they’re open until 4 so we can still go in, so we’ll be ok, right?
Me: (facepalm)