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(I am the manager on duty in this story, and it is our store policy to ask for a Driver’s Licence and type the licence number into the til when a customer pays with a personal cheque. I get called over because the customer is trying to pay with a personal cheque that has someone else’s name on it)

Me: I’m sorry, we can’t accept this cheque because it’s got a man’s name on it. We can only accept personal cheques if they are from the same person whose name is on it, with ID to prove it.

Customer: But it’s from the business! It’s the owner of the business and he wrote it out for me!

Me: Ok, but it isn’t a business cheque, with a business name on it. It’s got his personal name on it, with nothing else.

Customer: Well can’t you just put my driver’s licence number in anyway?

Me: No, that would defeat the purpose of that. The whole point of doing that, is to make sure you’re the same person who is on the cheque. Which you are not.

Customer: But it’s from the business and this is how he’s going to be paying for all of his orders from now on!

Me: Well he actually won’t be able to do that unless he comes into the store himself, or gets business cheques.

Customer: WHY NOT!?

Me: …. Because you have to be the same person who is on the cheque. It prevents people from stealing cheques from others and using them as payment.

Customer: But this is where I work! It’s his business!

Me: There is no business name on it anywhere, it’s just a man’s name.

Customer: Well I want to talk to another manager!

Me: I’m the only manager in. You’ll have to pay a different way or he will have to come into the store himself.

(This continued for some time, with her throwing business cards in me face and yelling at me at how I was being ridiculous. She payed with a credit card.)

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