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(I was working in box office at night while “Straight Outta Compton” was playing. I get to the end of my line where there is a group of four people, three white, one black guy.)

Me: “Good evening, welcome to (theater).”

Girl: “Hi, could we get two adults and two students to…”

Black guy: “HOLD UP! We ain’t going in until you say the entire title of the the movie! Ain’t nobody going in *looking at me* don’t type nothing.”

Girl: “Four to NWA Straight Outta…”

Me: “Four to…”

Black guy: “*To me* Hold up! Don’t type nothing! *to girl* You gotta say the entire thing!”

Me: “*stifling laughter* I mean… he is giving you permission.”

Girl: “Okay. N-words with Attitude…”

Black guy: “No no no, the ENTIRE thing. *to me* Don’t type nothing. *to girl* Come on.”

Girl: “N****s with Attitude.”

Black Guy: “There ya go!”

Me: “Okay, four, and you said how many students?”

Guy 1: “Oh… I don’t have my student ID.”

Guy 2: “Yeah, me neither.”

Me: “Okay, so that’s four students for Straight Outta Compton.”

(Policy does say that I have to see a student ID in order to give one person a student discount. But, these guys made me laugh after a long day. I think that’s worth a discount!)