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(Note: for this story I am doing surveys for a bank. It’s around 7pm on a Monday I also see the customer is in the same time zone as me.)
ME: “Hi this is *my name* calling from *bank* may I please speak with *male/female customer*
Customer: *male customer speaking* “may I ask what this is in regards too? We’re just about to sit down for family dinner”
ME: “it’s just a survey on customer satisfaction regarding your recent visit to the *bank branch name* if it’s a bad time I can…”*he cuts me off*
Customer: “whoa whoa whoa… on a Sunday?????
Me: “I apologize sir it’s a Monday where I’m calling from if it’s a bad time I can…” *he cuts me off again*
Customer:*angrily* “This is the lords day!!! There should be no work on Sunday!!!”
Me: “I do apologize sir like I said its Monday where I’m calling from and if it’s a bad time I can…” *he cuts me off again*
Customer: *still angrily* What pagan bank are you calling from again???”
Me: *bank name also realizing it can’t be Sunday anywhere in the world*
Customer: “And they have you work on a Sunday?!?!?!”
Me: *Getting upset* “Sir it’s a Monday.”
Customer: “Bull S***”
Me: “okay… have a good evening thanks for banking with us.” *hangs up, too manager* “I’m going home I’ve had enough stupid for one day.”

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