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For a few months, I worked in a large middle-end retail company that has now closed down in Canada. While it was a horrible experience for my mental health, I am still proud of this little chain of events.

My manager would always forget anything related to the employees under him, short of our name, including me asking him weekly to give me a job other than greeter because it would cause me to have mental breakdowns, even while on the clock.

However, he could also not be bothered to remember he trained me on cash, which is not only constant human interaction but also money handling: my worst points.

He not only retrained me two times, but also forgot to get me to practice for more than a few minutes. I did not care to remind him since that would be a horrible position for me.

Come Black Friday time, he suddenly realized had completely screwed himself out of a cashier since I had no experience. By that time, I was now on the floor, where I did not burst into tears every few days, thanks to HR stepping in.

I was never this happy to be forgettable!