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(I work in a fuel center for a well known grocery store chain in the midwest, and we have reward points for every $100 you spend in-store you get $.10 off a gallon of gas, but to do this you have to scan your reward card at the pump unless you prepay. Gas jumped up around a good $.40 cents where I work, but it’s still in the low $2.00 range in other towns in the area. I’ve delt with some older people complaining about gas prices before this particular incident. ThIs old man’s probably in his late 70s and he’s one of the worst about gas prices.)

Man: *Walks up and shoves his reciept against the window* How much can you put prices down? It’s [price of gas in another town farther away from us that has nothing to do with us].
Me: (thinking he’s referring to prepaid that he wants off.) It would drop to [ammount] since you have $.40 off how much would you like to prepay?
Man: (as he’s walking away without paying me) I’m going to put $15 dollars in.
[I watch him not scan his card then proceed to pump $15 in his car. He comes back up and hands me his card and a $20, I give him back his change.]
Man: That’s all?
Me: Well sir, you didn’t swipe your card at any point and i can only take it off manually if something has gone wrong and your points have been eaten.
Man: (clearly not listening to me) This is how you treat your customers I’ll stop shopping here.
(He angerly stopped off, and it’s my second to last day working where i do, so hopefully i never have to see him again.)

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