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(Closing time hits and we start cleaning, restocking, and setting up the displays. One man is looking around 17 minutes after close. My manager intervenes)
Manager: “Excuse me sir but I will need to escort you out. We closed about 15 minutes ago and we can’t count down the registers until every customer is out.”
Customer: (Throwing a fit) “I am only giving you business. As long as I buy something you have to let me stay in here.”
(The customer’s hands are empty)
Manager: “Well, are you buying something right now or not?”
Customer: “No.”
Manager: “Then I am escorting you out.”
(My manager walks the man to the front, unlocks the door and is letting him out.)
Customer: I’m going to complain to the manager!”
Manager: I will give you his personal cell phone number, sir.”
(My manager gives the man a number to call, only to have his phone ring. He picks up and answers his phone and tells the customer “I don’t care.” The customer walked away angrily.)

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