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I work at a relatively lesser-known grocery store in the Midwest. I have worked there for five years, in the Cashiering, Deli, and Dairy Departments. Our store offers a free item with every $30 purchase. One day, a woman comes through my line, wanting the free English muffins.

Customer: “I want the blueberry English muffins.”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I work in the Dairy department, and I know they don’t make blueberry English muffins in this brand, but I’d be happy to get you a different flavor.”

Customer: “No, I know they have blueberry, I ate one yesterday! Where’s your manager?”

(I call over the store manager. He doesn’t work in Dairy, he oversees the Dry Goods/Grocery Department.)
Customer: “I want blueberry English muffins.”

Manager: “I don’t think they even make those. Do they?” *asking me, the closest associate who works in the Dairy Department*

Me: “No. No they do not.”

(Customer leaves without her blueberry English muffins. Still a product [that brand] doesn’t make.)

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