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Customer: Can I have a snack wrap and a small fry
Me: Ok, that’ll be $2.38
Customer: *yells to other employee* Can I use your discount
Other employee: Yes *types in code*
Me: Ok, your total is $1.90
*customer swipes card, it declines, pays with cash*
*drive thru was going extremely slow, so we had to remake a plain sundae.
Co worker sits ice cream down on counter. Customer picks up the ice cream and walks away*
Customer: *she comes back to the counter* Can you make me a new sundae?
Me: No, you didn’t pay for that one
Customer: What are you getting smart for?
Me: I’m not. I’m just not making you something you didn’t pay for.
Customer: I will spit on you. You don’t know me.. *this went on for 10 mins*

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