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(I work at a small bagel shop that also serves sandwiches and coffee. We also put the traditional toppings such as cream cheese and butter at request. This happened at what I thought was a normal transaction.)

Me: Hi, can I help you?
Customer: Hello, can I have two whole wheat bagels?
Me: Sure, anything else?
Customer: Yes, I’d like two iced coffees with milk and sugar.
(After this, I proceed to make the customer’s order. Usually when people ask for just bagels, it goes without saying they do not want anything on it.)
Me (having finished order): Alrighty then ma’am. Is there anything else I can do for you?
Customer: No, I believe that is all.
Me: Ok, your total is [Total amount].
(She pays the total and is about to leave when she looks inside her bag and comes back up to the counter.)
Customer: Excuse me, miss? You didn’t butter these bagels.
Me (slightly confused): I’m sorry, you didn’t ask me to butter them?
Customer: Yeah, don’t you guys just always slice and slap butter right on the bagels?
Me: No ma’am, you have to ask for that…
Customer (incredulous): I do? That isn’t how you fix all the bagels?
Me: No, if you want something on the bagels you have to ask for it. ( I go to butter her bagels.) Also, ma’am, having butter on these is an extra charge,  I’ll have to adjust your price.
Customer: So it’s extra? Alright then…
Me (hands her the now buttered bagels): Ok, you just owe me [some amount] more.
(She pays for her bagels and leaves, all the while shaking her head as if this was an entirely new concept.)
Me (to coworker after she leaves): I want to know what bagel store she goes to that butters bagels without having to be told!