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(Our ATM is in the 4th lane and there is an old system still there for sending out a tube but it is no longer in service)

Woman pulls up in to lane one on a very busy Saturday morning.

Woman: Didn’t you see me!?

Me: I’m sorry, what do you mean?

Woman: I was in lane 4 pressing the call button and no one was answering, I want to cash this check.

Me: I’m sorry about that, we can take care of that for you, no problem, Lane 4 is our ATM only that tube is no longer in service. (There isn’t even a tube out there anymore)

Woman: Well you guys saw me and you just let me sit there.

Me: No ma’am there were cars in the first two lanes I did not see you.

Woman: (She points to my coworker who was taking care of another customer) Well she saw me and she is just standing there doing nothing)

At this point I just want to get her out of there so I cached her check and proceeded to tell her that Lane 4 is an ATM only, have a good weekend.