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(My mom is a wedding officiant and occasionally gets spam calls on her work number. She usually stays polite, but sometimes she has to have a little fun!)

Caller: *in heavy accent that we can’t identify* Hello, this is Sam.
Mom: Hello, Sam, this is Robin.
Sam: I am calling about a wedding.
Mom: Awesome!
Sam: Can we meet next week?
Mom: No, I’m sorry, I’m not available until July.
(It is currently May.)
Sam: Okay, so how about next Tuesday?
Mom: No, I’m not available next week. I’m available in July!
Sam: So can we meet next Tuesday?
Mom: *trying not to laugh* No, Sam, I’m not available until /July/.
Sam: So how about next Friday?
(My sister and I are pissing ourselves laughing.)
Mom: I’m not free until July. Sam, where are you calling from?
Sam: California.
Mom: Oh, but your number is a Florida number.
Sam: Well… *clearly at a loss*
Mom: You know, Florida and California are very similar states. Sometimes people forget which state they’re in.
Sam: You have a lovely voice.
Mom: Thank you, Sam.
Sam: So can we meet next week?
Mom: No, Sam, I’m not free until July.
Sam: How about this week?
Mom: *can’t speak, too busy laughing*
Sam: I will call back later.
(He called back several more times within the hour!)

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