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(I work in the Internet Department for a popular car dealership in our area. As an Internet Consultant, it’s my job to answer calls & emails with any questions from customers, and arrange test drives. I am calling a particular customer about his interest in one of our trucks.)

Me: Hi (Customer)! I see you had some questions about this (truck)?
Customer: No, I’m actually looking for a hybrid. Don’t you have one?
Me: …I’m sorry, but I don’t believe that they actually make the (truck) in a Hybrid version. If you’re open to a sedan, the (hybrid sedan) is a fantastic option!
Customer: What color is it?
Me: The (hybrid sedan) is white, with black leather interior.
Customer: Okay, yeah, but what color is it?
Me: …um, the exterior color is white, and the interior is black leather?
Customer: No, the DRIVER’S SEAT. What color is it?
Me: Sir, the interior of this vehicle, driver’s seat included, is all black leather. I also want to let you know the vehicle has heated seats and a sunroof.
Customer: …sunroof? What do you mean SUNROOF?
Me: Um. Well. It’s a panel of glass that goes on the top of the vehicle over the front two seats? If it’s a power sunroof, you can push a button and it’ll open right up for you to get some fresh air in the vehicle? Think of it like an extra window?
Customer: …Okay, but what color is it?

At this point, I go through the color of the vehicle again, and promptly get shouted at because he wanted to know the color of the SUNROOF. He then complained about the price of the vehicle, and disconnected the call.