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(I’m working an after school shift on headset through drivethru at a popular fast food chain and two 20 something year old guys pull up, I’m an open lesbian keep that in mind its important to the story line)
Me; Hi welcome to (resturaunt) what can i get for you?
Customer 1: ah yeah ill just get a large (burger) meal with a (soda)
Me; Sure
Customer 2; (yelling over his friend) and ill get 20 nuggets with BBQ sauce!!
Me; sure, is there anything else today?
Customers 1&2; (Laughing)
Me; I’m afraid i cant do that please drive through
the customers drive through still laughing. when they pull up at the window I take their money and hand them their change
Customer 1: you sure i cant get that number baby?
Me; (leaning out the window giving him my best smile) oh sweetie I’m a lesbian. (I stand back up and slam the window giving them a little finger wave)
the customers go red faced and drive quickly down to the next window
I turn around to see one of my managers almost in tears
Manager; i came up here to see if your okay but it looks like you’ve got it covered.