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(My boyfriend and I are at the store. He’s looking at the meat display, while I’m over by the ramen. A man comes over, and stands uncomfortably close to me.)
Customer: Hey there, you from around here?
Me: Uh…yeah…?
Customer: You’re sexy, wanna come home with me?
(I try stepping away, but he just gets closer.)
Me: I’m not interested, sorry.
Customer: Are you sure? I’m rich and can make you happy.
Me: I’ve already got someone that can make me happy. Can you please leave me alone?
Customer: Rude a** b****, you’re a f***ing fata** too. Bet he’s only with you because of the sex!
(My boyfriend comes over, dumps the food in the cart, and looks at the man.)
Boyfriend: One, what happens at home isn’t anything concerning you. Two, of course she’s fat, she’s pregnant you ignorant f***. Three, I’ve loved her for years now because of s*** that apparently you don’t care about. Now can you leave her alone?
(The man glared at us and walked off. We haven’t seen him since.)

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