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(It’s not even an hour after we’ve opened and I’ve already had two difficult guests in a row at the service desk. I finally finish up with one and call the next to step forward. The man makes a remark about the previous guest’s difficult manner, assuring me he has no issue with the particular policy the other guest did. I ignore the comment and begin the return of a set of home phones.)

Me: Is there anything wrong with the phones?

Guest: I had wanted something I could mount to the wall, but this apparently can’t. I talked to the guy in electronics and they said you don’t carry any that do in this store. I just want my money back.

Me: (thankful it’s an easy issue and a mostly polite guest) Okay, let’s get it taken care of then.

(It turns out the man purchased them three days ago with a check, so when I get to the last screen on my register, this conversation happens)

Me: Okay, so it looks like you’ve purchased this with a check only 3 days ago. Checks take ten days to clear, so it will be another week before you can get cash back for it. The only option I can give you right now is your return on store credit.

Man: (he’s a little ticked off, but still mostly polite) No, I’d really like my money back. I’m going to be out of town for a couple weeks and won’t be able to get this returned.

Me: Okay, well, let me call for backup for the guests behind you and then I’ll make a call to see if I can get this over-ridden with corporate.

(My manager on duty comes up to help and I make the phone call. The person at the corporate number tells me they are unable to authorize an override at all.)

Me: I’m very sorry, sir. There is absolutely nothing left I can do. They refused the authorization at the corporate level, and there’s no way to override it in the store. I can either give you the giftcard, or you can return it to any other store location in seven days.

Man: (now very angry) No! I am not leaving without my money! This is ridiculous! I didn’t PAY with a GIFTCARD, so I am not getting my money back on a GIFTCARD. Let me speak to the manager!

(My manager, who isn’t familiar with the front end at all, is still there after finishing up with the other guests. She steps up, only hearing part of the exchange.)

Manager: (to the guest) That’s me, I’ll see if I can help. (to me) What’s going on with the return?

(I explain the situation, emphasizing there’s nothing to be done, and she mulls over it, checking several things on the computer.)

Manager: Well sir, she’s correct. Because your check has not cleared our bank, you cannot get cash back. I tried to see if there was a way I could override it myself, and there is none. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Man: This is fucking ridiculous!

(He gathered up the phones and stormed out, leaving me very shaken and upset. It was a terrible start to the day and luckily I didn’t have any other difficult guests for the rest of my eight and a half hour shift!)

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