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(My mother and I are at the grocery store, she has a disability that makes her legs swell- one looks worse than the other, and we’ve just gotten her a motorized shopping cart to go through the store with.)

Mom: (Talking about our grocery list as people come around us) “We’ll need butter, bread..”

(A rude lady comes through the door and up til now we hadn’t heard her making comments.)

Rude Lady: “You also need to get off that motorized cart. Being fat isn’t a disability! You’re taking that from people who need it, like me!”

(My mom tends to be the bigger person and ignore things, but I can’t.)

Me: “Well, had you bothered to look at her beyond body weight, you’d see my mother has a medical disability that makes her leg swell at least 3 sized beyond normal, and that would make it difficult to get through the entire store.  Honestly, I don’t think you have a single disability to complain about, as I saw you RUN up to the store with no problem, so I think you just wanted to complain to make yourself feel bigger and that makes you look bad, not us.”

Rude ladies friend: “Well, guess that’ll teach you to mouth off.”

(A clerk at the self checkout, which was closest to the door, told my mom later she should be proud to have a protective daughter.)