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(When I was 19, I worked in a well-known video game store in my local mall to gather some extra funds. One day, everything is going swimmingly until a man in about his 30s walks in at about 7:30 PM.)
Me: “Welcome to

, how are you doing?”
Customer: “Shut up.”
Me: “Excuse me?”
Customer: (annoyed) “I said shut up!”
(I ignore him for a couple of  minutes, when the annoyed customer comes and slams a copy of a PS4 game onto the counter.)
Customer: “I want this for free!”
Me: “No.”
Customer: “I said I want it for FREE!”
Me: “I said no.”
Customer: “THAT’S IT!”
(The agitated customer then flung the case at my face, screaming profanity at me.)
Customer: (screaming) “I WANT THAT PS4 GAME FOR FREE, YOU C****! F*** YOU, N*****!”
(He attempts to jump over the counter to attack, but fails and falls over, knocking over batteries, headphones, and a Nintendo 3DS display in the process.)
Customer: “F*** YOU, B****! I WANT A MANAGER, NOW!”
(My manager runs in to find out what happened)
Manager: “What the h*** is going on in here?”
Customer: “He attacked me! He threw a game at me and pushed me into a display!”
Manager: “[My name], is that true?”
Me: “Not at all. HE was the one who threw the game, then jumped to attack and knocked over the display.”
Customer: “You have ZERO proof I did that! The customer is ALWAYS RIGHT!”
Me: “Actually, we have security cameras, and we also have several witnesses who can give testimony.”
(We go into the security camera room, and the footage shows everything; the man throwing the game, trying to jump over the counter, and knocking over the 3DS display.)
Manager: “Hmm. It turns out [My name] was right.”
(The customer at this point begins to throw a hissy fit, not listening to us at all.)
(The manager and I at this point, have had enough, and kick him out. The man was eventually arrested for assault and disturbing the peace. Fast-forward a few years later. I have since resigned from my job for a better-paying one. After my shift, I was sitting in my apartment reading when I got a call from my manager at my video game store job. He tells me to come visit for a surprise. I arrive about ten minutes later.)
Manager: “Hello, [My name]. Remember this guy?” (points to a man)
(I looked over, and it was the man that attacked me a few years ago.)
Manager: “He walked by this afternoon when I recognized him and I called him over here. He has something to say to you.”
Customer: “I-I’m s-s-s…”
Manager: “Come on. Say it.”
Customer: “I’m sorry I threw the game at you and tried to beat you up.”
(After he apologized, I the manager gave me a free $35 Nintendo eShop gift card and sent me on my way. Nowadays, I occasionally drop by the video game store, sometimes to buy a game, or to talk to my manager. We usually have a laugh about the whole “free game” fiasco, and if I have kids, I am definitely telling them about this!)

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