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(I worked last year in a small store where everything was already ridiculously cheap and we have discounts on most things. One day, a customer points to a lamp we’re selling)

Customer: “I want that lamp, but it’s too expensive, can you give me a discount?”

Me: “No, I’m not authorised to do that.”

Customer: “Please? I live very far away and I won’t be back here, please give me a discount.”

Me: “No, I’m sorry, I can’t give you a discount.”

Customer: “Come on you’ll still make money! I really want it, and I can’t come back here.”

Me: “I’m really sorry but I seriously can’t do that, we’ll still get the lamp sold for the actual price, so if you bought it for a further discount, we’d lose money.”

Customer: “Yeah but I really want it! And I won’t be back here again! Just let me buy it for a discount, I’m already buying other things. Come on.”

(I’m starting to lose my patience, when my boss happens to arrive and has heard some of the transaction)

Boss: “It’s okay ma’am, you can have it for a discount.”

Customer: “Than you! I really won’t be back here.”

(after she’s left)

Me: “Why’d you do that?”

Boss: “She was annoying.”