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(Our store is large and has a row of fifteen tills. Until about two years ago, two of them were separate customer service stations but now all staff do this and there are signs stating this and that customers should join the queue. The customer I am currently serving is hoping we have a specific lunch bag her daughter wants that she saw a week earlier. A colleague has gone to check the stockroom for me and I have put her other items through the till. We are chatting and she and her nine-year-old daughter are standing up at counter as you would expect while we await the return of my colleague. Suddenly an elderly woman sneaks through a gap by my till and goes behind my customer. I am about to ask her to join the but she doesn’t stop, she barges through the small gap between mother and daughter and shoves a pillow at me.)

Me: “I am actually serving this lady at the moment, please join the queue.”

Customer #2: “I need to come to you; I have a return.”

Me: “All staff now do this; if you would join the queue someone can help you with this shortly.”

(She glares at me, huffs and then shoves past the queuing customers to do so. The woman I am serving just looks stunned that someone could be so blatantly rude.)

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