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Note: I’m a customer in a long line at [national pharmacy chain], they are obviously very busy for this time of night. I have a basket of stuff to purchase and pick up a prescription. I was a waiter for 3 years.
Technician: Just want to make sure you know your Rx discount card has expired.
Customer #1 (flipping out): What?! That’s ridiculous, how come no one told me? What do I need to do to renew?!
Technician: Just pay the $9 fee.
Customer #1: Oh, OK. (walks away like nothing happened)
Customer #2 (dramatically): I came from another pharmacy that closes at 10 and I need to fill this nooooow!
Technician (calmly): We close at 10 too, and will not have time to fill this tonight.
Customer #2 (oblivious to the long line): But, Whyyyyy not?
Technician: Because we are very busy. The nearest 24-hour [pharmacy chain] is located at [address].
Customer #2: *Walks away in a huff*
Customer #3: Why isn’t my prescription ready?!
Technician (somehow still calm, despite this line of rude people): Because of *unintelligible*, but let me look… Ah, I’ve fixed it and your prescription will be ready in a few minutes.
Customer #3: Oh, OK. (Steps away, but lingers nearby creepily).
Me: I need to pick up [prescription], but I can check-out up front since you’re so busy.
Technician (loudly enough for lingering customer #3 to overhear): Oh, I’ll check you out. I don’t mind at all. We all talk about how you and your wife are always nice when you come in.
Me: If you’re sure… You catch more flies with honey you know!
Technician: Of course, no problem.
Pharmacist: Hey Mr. [my name], how’s the wife?
See d-bags of the world, being a jerk for no reason doesn’t get you anywhere. Being nice to service workers is a win-win for everybody!