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Client: I will have to let you go.
Me: You mean you’re firing me?
Client: I’m sorry.
Me: Was is something I did or didn’t do for your web site?
Client: Oh no, not at all. You did a great job. You redesigned my whole site, and did it so well that
my business increased 16% in a month.
Me: Then why are you firing me?
Client: Well my business expanded so quickly, I had to hire two more people and buy some new equipment to keep up with my customer demand. But after I did that,
I realized I was coming home every week without a paycheck. I can’t afford you anymore.
Me: I will suspend work for a month to let you reorg, ok?
Client: No that won’t work. I can’t afford to pay you for your web service. Besides, I have a friend whose son just graduated from High School, and he does web sites. He uses Google and the web sites are free. He knows what he’s doing.
Me: Alright, I understand. But could I ask you a favor?
Client: Sure!
Me: Will you leave the design I created for you, on-line and intact for 30 days? As a web designer, the sites I do are my *business card*. If I want more clients, I want to send them to your web site to see my work. Is that ok with you?
Client: “I guess so. Ok.”
….2 weeks later I checked the web site and it was totally destroyed and re-done with an amateurish Google free site. When I emailed my former client and asked why my design was deleted, she said, very indignantly:
Client: I paid you for your work and that is my web site. I can do whatever I choose to do with it. I’m sorry that you have to act so childish about it.
Me: Thank you very much.
End of story.
Moral: There are mean people in business that don’t know how to run a business or deal with people …whether those people are customers  or suppliers/vendors/contractors. They don’t belong being in business for themselves. They are incompetent and downright mean. <sarcasm> Don’t you just LOVE amateur capitalists, small business style?!! </sarcasm>