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Me:  Thank you for calling [my company].  My name is [my name], how can I help you?
Client: My payroll hasn’t arrived.
Me: Okay, let me look it up…okay, it looks like there was a delay with [large payroll carrier] because there was an ice storm in TN
Client: That’s no excuse!  I was guaranteed 24 hour delivery!
Me: I’m sorry, we have no control once the package leaves our facility and [large delivery carrier] says that it was due to weather
Client: It is YOUR responsibility and it did not arrive yesterday like promised
Me: I am afraid neither we nor [large delivery carrier] have any control over the weather
Client begins to rant about how his delivery should have arrived regardless of dangerous weather, that we should have contacted him if there was a delay (no payroll service does this), that he needs to have his delivery firs thing today and the 3 hour schedule delay at [large carrier delivery] was no excuse.  I just kept repeating that it was due to weather, not anyone’s fault and that he would receive his package as soon as it was deliverable.
Client; Just so you know, your service is completely unsatisfactory and unacceptable. *click*
I could only thank God that he was not my client, and in my entire history (15 years) of customer service, I have never spoken to a more disagreeable customer/client.  If I could change the weather, it would be a balmy 75-80 degrees sunny all the time here in NY!

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